Estimated Program Costs per Year

Cost Description Price
Tuition* (California Resident) for 2 years, > or = 7 units/semester, and 2 summers) $16,692
Professional Expenses  
AND Annual Dues $50
OD and LAD District membership $20
Meals on Workdays $1,500
Transportation & Fuel $3,000
Textbooks, E-books, Lab Coats, $800

Meetings and Seminars

  • District Meetings ($25-$50/each)
  • State Academy Meeting (Optional)
  • State Legislative Day (Optional)
  • Academy Meeting (Optional)



$800 to $1200 each

Professional Liability $60


Fingerprinting/Physical Exams, Drug Test, Immunizations $400
TOTAL Estimate** $23,622

*Tuition price is subject to change. See current catalog for tuition updates. Non-California resident tuition prices is more than double in-state costs, averaging $40,000 for a 2-year program. For more residency information, please visit CSULB Admissions.

**Estimate does not include food (except workday lunches), rent, or any personal expenses or personal travel.

Scholarships & Grants:

Dietetic Interns can apply for any scholarship offered through CSULB and any local - state - or national professional/private organization.

Exclusive for Dietetic Interns only, the “ Patricia Hartford Endowed Scholarship” annually awards one to three scholarships at $300 or more to Dietetic Interns. The Application Due Date is in the fall with a spring award date. Guidelines are posted each fall within the FCS 591A course.

Available Fees and Financial Assistance is offered through CSULB:

State University Grant (FAFSA & Dream Act Applicants)

"The State University Grant is funded by the State of California to assist   students whose ability to attend postsecondary institutions is jeopardized due to financial constraints. The award covers up to the amount of the State Tuition Fee. Students must be residents of California, demonstrate financial need, and be assessed state tuition fees to be eligible for this award.  Review the complete CSULB State University Grant Policy (including lifetime eligibility limitations)."

General scholarship links