Helpful List-Servs for DPD Alumni

Which includes information about jobs and professional development, please send an email to with no subject line and the body text reading: SUBSCRIBE FCS-NUTRITIONALUMNI

Send an email to with no subject line and the body text reading: SUBSCRIBE FCS-NUTRITIONSENIORS

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The DPD Director will NOT accept any new transcripts, paperwork, or declaration/verification requests within 2 weeks of the deadline - see the DICAS Resources information on the Applying to Dietetic Internships page for current dates. This means you need to initiate your application under "DPD Contact Information" before this deadline. Under “DPD Contact Information” enter Rachel Blaine (the Director) and her email address ( - don't forget the period in the email address!  The document you would select is “Verification Statement” since you’ve graduated and received one.

Are You Ready to Apply? 

  • Before applying to dietetic internships using the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System (DICAS), be sure that you completed all DPD requirements, including “C” or better in coursework
  • If you did not receive hard copies of your verification statements when you graduated, please contact the DPD director ASAP. You will likely need to pay a fee to have them issued and to ensure the DPD director can verify your DICAS application. If you had to retake courses to replace a grade below a "C" then you will need to submit an official copy of these transcripts to the DPD Director to get a verification statement and approval in the DICAS system to submit your application by the deadline listed above.

DPD Course Lists Required for DICAS

Remember to download your DPD Course List form (See "Courses and Advising") on the Advising and Curriculum page, which you are required to upload to DICAS.

To learn more about Verification Statements requirements and the timeline for issuing them, visit the Advising and Curriculum page.

To Order Extra Copies 

If you are alumni of the DPD at CSULB and no longer have copies of your DPD verification statement you can request a re-issue for $15 on the DPD Transcript Evaluation Fees page. Select the box for “Verification Statement Re-Issue (Alumni) $15” to have it re-issued. Due to COVID, all verification statements will be delivered electronically in a secure .pdf and are considered as legitimate as a paper copy. We are not currently issuing paper versions at this time. 

Processing Time 

Verification Statements are typically processed within 5 business days. If you do not receive it within that period of time, please reach out the DPD Director.  

Applying to DICAS? 

If you plan to apply to dietetic internships using DICAS for the upcoming match cycle, please visit Applying to Dietetic Internships and click on the "DICAS Alumni Information" drop-down menu.

If you are not a CSULB student or alumni, please note that we no longer have a pathway to receive a verification statement through our program for international degree holders or anyone who already holds a degree. To read more about other options, please visit the Already Hold a Degree page. 

DTR applications are now accepted year-round. If steps for Phase 1 and 2 have not both been completed, your application will not be processed.

Once you have successfully completed all DPD requirements (including “C” or better in coursework) and your degree has been conferred, you are eligible to take the Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR or NDTR) exam. Visit the official Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) website for DTR pathway. View the complete student instructions for the entire process, along with information about the DTR exam and related study resources. If after reviewing this information you feel that becoming a DTR is a good fit then there are three main phases to processing: 

Phase 1 - Pay Fee

Pay your $50 Transcript Evaluation Fee Form called “Transcript Evaluation DTR App Processing $50.00” at the online Cashnet linkBe VERY careful filling out the form on this page, as this is what will be copied/pasted directly into your documents for taking the exam. They must match your legal ID or you will be turned away from the exam. The email address must be one you regularly check.

Phase 2 - Send Official Transcript to DPD Director

In order to process your application, please order an OFFICIAL CSULB transcript on the Transcripts - Former Students/Alumni page to be delivered by email to the DPD Director. This must reflect your degree with conferral date (order here) – This is required to be submitted to CDR, even if you have recently had a verification statement issued. Important: Make sure your degree has cleared and your transcript has a clear "Degree Conferred" date on it - you can check with the Registrar about when this will be so you don't unnecessarily order a transcript we cannot use. 

Phase 3: Application processing and demographic form

After some initial information for your application has been entered, you will be sent an email and you must follow the link provided to complete an online form to clarify demographic information. The form links to the application in the database, which cannot be processed unless the form has been completed. Please check junk/spam folders for this email from CDR or REPS.

Phase 4: Processing part 2 and ready to test 

The DPD Director will process and upload all required documents to CDR. Once your application submission to CDR has been approved, you will receive an email confirming registration eligibility from CDR within approximately 3-5 business days. CDR then forwards your information to Pearson VUE for further processing. Candidates typically receive their Authorization to Test email from Pearson VUE within 48 hours of receiving eligibility confirmation from CDR. Then you are ready to go! 

For questions not answered by this information or by visiting the CDR website, please email the DPD Director.

DTR Exam Study Resources 

All students are encouraged to study for the exam and to review the type of content that will be covered. While some students simply use their prior course notes to study, there are several structured options that you may consider: 

  1. Study Guide for the Registration Examination for Dietetic Technicians (Online) - 8th Edition ($50)
  2. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics eatrightPREP® course ($165)
  3. DTR Study Buddy Review Manual ($165)
  4. Visual Veggies DTR Exam Study Software ($200+)