Applying to Dietetic Internships

Dietetic Internship Availability

  • Acceptance into a dietetic internship (DI) has historically been competitive, but thankfully there has been an increase in internship slots over the years. Please see the Availability of DI Positions summary from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for more information about the latest match rates. 
  • In Spring 2021, 93% of graduating seniors in our DPD who applied for dietetic internships or ISPP received a slot. 
  • Our students receive a significant amount of support during their time in the DPD to identify resources to help them successfully match to a dietetic internship. We devote time during several courses to address professional development, application considerations, interviews, and obtaining jobs during NUTR 234, NUTR 498A, and NUTR 498B. 

Exploring Dietetic Internships

  • ACEND-Approved Dietetic Internships Directory: Link (Provides websites of all programs in a searchable database – search by location, “Graduate Degree”, and “Distance Education”
  • Most internships are interested in your DPD Professional and DPD Science GPAs. To calculate yours, find your DPD Course List below to figure out which classes count for your DPD Professional vs. DPD Science GPAs.
  • Students in our program take NUTR 498A, "Senior Seminar in Nutrition & Dietetics I " prior to graduation, which covers everything related to selecting the right dietetic internship and the application process. If you have not taken this course and have questions, feel free to contact the DPD Director for additional resources.