2019-2020 Workshops

Marine biology faculty offer professional development workshops for our students every year!

This series gives our students multiple opportunities each year to informally meet with faculty, graduate students, alumni, and other professionals in the field to enhance and promote their professional development.

Workshop topics range from how to identify specific interests in the field, how to develop an effective CV, how to get the skills and experience needed to land a job in the field, and how to find the right graduate program.

These workshops are designed for ALL levels; freshmen and transfers are particularly encouraged to attend. Attendance is limited to current CSULB marine biology premajors and majors.

If students attend five workshops each year, they receive a Professional Development Certificate!

SCHEDULE OF 2019-2020 WORKSHOPS (and a few other events)
Sep 2019 5-6 PM MLSC Patio Meet and greet for incoming students: pizza with the marine biology faculty!
Sep 2019 6-10 PM off campus 2019 Marine Biology Alumni Event -- all current students welcome!
Oct 2019 5-6 PM HSCI-156 Internships: what's available and what can they do for you? - Dr. Bernal
Nov 2019 5-6 PM HSCI-156 Graduate school: is it for me, and how do I get in? - Dr. Lowe
19 Feb 2020 5-6 PM HSCI-156 How to apply for scholarships and grants (and why you should!) - Dr. Pernet
11 Ma2 2020 5-6 PM HSCI-156 Professional societies: what are they and what can they do for you? - Dr. Pace
cancelled 5-6 PM tbd CVs: what are they and why are they important? - Dr. Lowe
cancelled 6-8 PM tbd Careers in marine science: meet some potential employers - Dr. Whitcraft


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