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Senior Profiles

Meet the standout students of CSULB in our Senior Profiles.

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Belinda Matuska
My experience here has been uplifting and positive. I want to be an example to other older adults who may think that it’s too late to get a degree. It is never too late to keep learning and give back to your community. Generous students who have gone before me have helped make this a great school and now I want to be able to give back for others.
Lauren Delaney
"Life should be an adventure to be lived not a problem to be solved.” -Unknown
Ethan Wynne
Reflecting on these past three years at The Beach, CSU Long Beach has provided me the opportunity to grow as a leader and as a professional through three aspects: academics, extracurriculars, and relationships.
Camille Williams
I have made some lifelong friends and had many truly memorable experiences. I have met so many people that have not only inspired me but have helped me grow as a person.
Sommer Dalton
My Beach experience has been the best two years of my life. The Beach helped me to not only grow confidence in myself as a person, but in my abilities as a journalist and writer. For that, I am forever grateful.
Katelyn To
Being an out-of-state student, I really wanted to reach out and make connections with people that I could build lasting friendships with.