Jen Pino '24

Published December 18, 2023

My favorite experience at CSULB was winning our MKTG 661 Bike Simulation with our fake bike company, Pyramid Bikes. We ranked in the top 10% worldwide for Marketplace Simulations and it was just such an enjoyable experience. We put our heart into our bikes and company every week and it paid off. My friends will never stop reminding me of the time I was checking our quarter results while in the airport to go to Cancun for a bachelor trip. 

I applied to CSULB for social work in 2015. This was straight after undergrad, and ultimately didn’t end up moving forward with that plan. When I decided to reapply to grad school, I felt like I needed to be here. I made it my mission to get into this school. I actually applied for the MS program for marketing, but after talking with an advisor, switched to the MBA program. I am really happy I made this choice, as the evening program has been so beneficial for me. 

I have been interning at NASA JPL since the summer of 2022. I’ve been working in their education office managing the first day process for other interns joining JPL. Ultimately after graduation, I’d love to continue to work at JPL, either as a program manager or business analyst. I love working with other students and making sure they have an amazing experience on-lab. 

I am in my final year at CSULB and have been really taking in everything I’ve done to get to this point. I’m really proud of myself and my cohort and cannot wait to celebrate our accomplishments. I got involved with mybeach to aid in this celebration and others'.