Muskan Jawanda '23

Published December 5, 2022

I transferred into CSULB during Fall 2021and spent my first semester entirely online. Despite starting online, I was able to make meaningful connections with fellow classmates who I am still friends with today! I have always felt that CSULB has a strong sense of community and I felt right at home even as a transfer student. Being back on campus has allowed me to participate in various activities, the most prominent being Moot Court. I have been a part of Moot Court since Spring 2022 and my partner and I recently qualified for the National Tournament and I placed 2nd out of 100 competitors at the Eastern Regional Tournament. I have truly appreciated all the opportunities that I have been able to take advantage of at CSULB, and the support I have received as a first generation student trying to navigate my way through higher education.

I was drawn in by the various programs that CSULB offers, especially within the Political Science department! Programs like the different concentrations within the major and internships such as Moot Court definitely caught my interest. I also had heard nothing but positive sentiments from some of the alumni I knew, and I knew that CSULB was the right school for me!

I am taking a year off to study for the LSAT and to gain work experience before I apply to law schools! I am hoping to attend a school in the Midwest.

I was interested in getting to know CSULB alumni who had successfully pursued careers in fields that I’m interested in. I find it helpful to connect with individuals who have been in my shoes and myBEACH allows me to easily do so! I have gotten a ton of great advice from CSULB alumni related to future career paths and graduate studies and I hope to be able to do the same once I graduate and become an alumni!