Justin Loop '24

Published November 15, 2023

California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) has played a pivotal role in my personal and professional development, affording me opportunities that were once mere aspirations. Within the "Activities and Organizations" section of my academic journey, I have meticulously documented the diverse roles I have assumed at CSULB, each of which has significantly contributed to my professional growth. Presently, I am actively engaged in three prominent organizations: the Society for Advancement of Management (SAM), the Economic Student Association (ESA), and the Associated Business Students Organization Council (ABSOC). As the current President of ABSOC and the Executive Vice President of both ESA and SAM, my leadership responsibilities have allowed me to cultivate enduring relationships with business leaders of tomorrow. By actively participating in these organizations, I have harnessed the power of networking, resulting in connections with over four thousand fellow students on LinkedIn. These interactions have not only expanded my professional network but also fostered meaningful interpersonal relationships with a multitude of individuals. Beyond my involvement in student organizations, my commitment to personal and professional growth extends to my current campus employment. I have contributed to developing innovative processes within the College of Business. Through these initiatives, I have further demonstrated my dedication to enhancing the educational environment and promoting excellence within the university.

CSULB captured my attention primarily due to its strategic location. Its proximity to my parent's residence was a practical consideration, and the added allure of being remarkably close to the beach, where I often indulge in surfing and engaging in recreational beach activities with friends, further contributed to its appeal. Additionally, the fact that many of my high school friends chose this institution influenced my decision, and the manageable commute time was an undeniable advantage. Upon touring the campus, I was impressed by its expansive layout and welcoming atmosphere. The open environment resonated with me, creating a positive impression. The support of the staff and faculty, who demonstrated a thorough understanding of campus-related inquiries, played a pivotal role in solidifying my decision. The proximity of the parking facilities, particularly near the College of Business, emerged as a significant benefit. This assurance of convenient parking, except during the initial weeks of the school year, is added to the practicality of the campus. The cost-effectiveness of tuition, reasonable parking fees, and affordable on-campus dining options underscored the institution's commitment to providing a financially viable education. Furthermore, the campus's advantageous location, with access to multiple shopping outlets and proximity to urban centers, enhances the overall convenience and accessibility for students. The prospect of exploring various opportunities, thanks to the proximity of diverse city environments, aligns with my desire for a well-rounded college experience. Balancing this accessibility with a manageable commute time is crucial to me, allowing for exploration and engagement in extracurricular activities while maintaining a focus on academic pursuits and involvement in student organizations.

After completing my undergraduate studies, I intend to embark on a journey towards attaining a master's degree in business administration. Concurrently, I aspire to secure a full-time position within a reputable and stable company. This forthcoming phase signifies a pivotal chapter in my professional trajectory, marked by a commitment to academic and career pursuits. In tandem with my educational and occupational endeavors, I envision broadening my horizons through extensive travel, encompassing destinations within the United States and abroad. This multifaceted approach fosters personal and professional growth while gaining a nuanced understanding of global perspectives. Upon securing admission to an esteemed higher education institution and accruing diverse travel experiences, I am poised to pursue the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and acquire a Real Estate License. Subsequently, I plan to work part-time in real estate, focusing on the strategic acquisition and management of properties. Commencing with modest investments in duplexes, I aim to progressively scale up to more significant ventures, including apartment buildings and a personal residence. The phased development of my real estate portfolio is underpinned by a meticulous strategy, ensuring stability and self-sufficiency before advancing to subsequent milestones. By concurrently managing my academic pursuits, professional responsibilities, and real estate ventures, I anticipate seamlessly integrating these components into a cohesive and successful narrative, defining the next significant chapter in my life upon completing my master's degree.

In September, I had the privilege of discovering the mybeach program through email correspondence. Its ability to spotlight individuals' achievements, offering them a platform to showcase their visual and written contributions within the newsletter. The supplementary links and information embedded in these communications further captured my attention by featuring the accomplishments of CSULB graduating seniors, thereby fostering a connection between past and present students. Recognizing the diversity of experiences among CSULB students, I am particularly intrigued by the prospect of sharing my unique journey at the university. This will contribute to a richer and more nuanced portrayal of the varied experiences of individuals within the CSULB community.