Bryce Kvick '23

Published November 1, 2022

I have had many great opportunities through the honors program and athletic department. From meeting outstanding alumni from both organizations, to being able to travel and represent the school, setting school records with my team and furthering my education, CSULB has been an amazing place for me to grow in all aspects of my life. I have been able to meet so many wonderful people from many different backgrounds and found some life-long friendships. I have also been fortunate enough to serve as the president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and earn some cool awards like being a Presidential Scholar, a GCAA All-America Scholar, and receiving the Big West Service and Leadership Award this year.

The opportunity to play golf and compete to win while getting a great education is why I chose CSULB. The weather and the coach at the time were large incentives for my golf game, while the school of business and the honors program gave me an outstanding opportunity to grow as a student and push myself to be better.

After The Beach I am going to begin working for a few years, before hopefully getting my MBA. I am looking to either break into the Supply Chain Management field, or in some sort of sales job (Medical or in the Supply Chain sector for things like energy alternatives that allow businesses to be more sustainable). I am still undecided as to which path I would prefer.

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