Isaak K. Nsuangani '23

Published October 17, 2023

At CSULB I have had the opportunity to collaborate with talented artists. Every class I took allowed me to expand my perspective and how I investigate the world around me. I got to write and produce plays for the Theatre Department’s New Play Festival, tutor athletes with the Bickerstaff Development Center, work on film production sets, create digital content, intern for the Athletic Department’s marketing and broadcast teams as well as work shows as part of Theatre Threshold student play organization. These opportunities have all deeply enriched my life and how I connect with the world teaching me about my craft and the importance of building relationships within your community.

I visited CSULB my junior year of high school and attended a basketball game after a campus tour. Spending that weekend in Southern CA visiting universities assured me this was the place I wanted to be. And when I got into CSULB, it seemed like the most sensible decision for me and my future even though I was not sure what I exactly wanted to do yet.


By December when I graduate, I hope to have some direction as to whether working at an agency or production company will be next for me. As of October when I’m writing this, I’m interning at a development company and don’t know what is next. My dream companies are A24 and Insomniac. I already work with Insomniac in merchandise, but I hope to transition to the media team. I have been operating my own company for the last two years doing productions and hope to finish building my portfolio by summer as I continue to take freelance projects on the side. I want to enter the New Year with a new job that will allow me to learn about the film industry and meet new people. Being out of school will give me plenty of more time so while I am working, I want to spend more time writing and directing/producing independent projects that have the potential to gain financial support from studios, production companies, and other buyers. Soon I’ll be going after producing a feature and I want to spend my time building the groundwork.

My advisor shared about CSULB Alumni opportunities like this!