Employment and Income Verification

Our campus partners with InVerify, an income and employment verification service. By utilizing InVerify, our current and prior faculty, staff and student employees have quick access to the information needed to apply for loans, mortgages, rentals, social services, and employment.

Information for Employees/Self-Service Portal

Current and prior employees should refer verifiers to www.inverify.net or 866.295.7363 for assistance. Please provide them with our campus company code: 33148. Companies and agencies seeking verification need to register and obtain a log in for InVerify’s secure site. Most information is provided immediately to the verifier, eliminating any wait time.

Employees may also access their own verification letters, reports and other tools through InVerify’s online self-service portal at www.inverify.net. There is no charge to employees for use of the self-service portal.

Information for Verifiers (Outside Companies/Organizations)

Please visit www.inverify.net to create an account and obtain instant online verification reports. For additional assistance, please contact InVerify at 866.295.7363.

Employment Verification:

For employment verification (employment status, start date, job title, length of service, NO income information) verifiers will need the following information about the employee:

  • Company code for our campus: 33148
  • Employee’s Social Security Number

Income Verification:

For income verification (includes payroll data, year to date wages, etc.), verifiers will need this information:

  • Company code for our campus: 33148
  • Employee’s Social Security Number
  • Employee’s Income Key (Employee must provide this information to the verifier)

Please contact InVerify at 866.295.7363 if you should have questions or need additional assistance. Thank you!