Summer Faculty Development Opportunities

Summer Faculty Fellowships Overview (DOCX)
Updated: July 8th, 2020

As fall approaches, CSULB is here to support our faculty, staff and students. These Summer Professional Development Opportunities (Flyer PDF) are designed for faculty specifically to transition to alternate modes of instruction. At this time, we are allowing faculty to register for one of the below activities in order to allow all instructors the opportunity to register. 

The funding available for each faculty member, who has not been identified as a Faculty Champion or a Faculty Leader, to participate in the professional development (other than that offered by the Faculty Center) is up to $1500.   In addition, each faculty member may attend up to four of the workshops offered by the Faculty Center; each such workshop provides $125 in compensation.

Please note, other offerings for Summer 2020 have passed.


You're comfortable with the basics of online teaching, but could benefit from reviewing the entire development process.

Laptop and Graduation Cap
  • 8-10 hours over a two week period
  • Asychronous, self-paced
  • Taught in Canvas, but most techniques will translate over to BeachBoard

See the
CSU's Intro to Training Online