Prioritizing: Communications

In the event of an interuption to business on campus, consider these communication practices:

  • Consider realistic goals for continuing instruction: What do you think you can realistically accomplish during this time period? Do you think you can maintain your original syllabus and schedule? Do you hope students will keep up with the reading with some assignments to add structure and accountability? Do you just want to keep them engaged with the course content somehow?

  • Review your course schedule to determine priorities: Identify your priorities during the disruption—providing lectures, structuring new opportunities for discussion or group work, collecting assignments, etc. What activities are better rescheduled, and what can or must be done online? Give yourself a little flexibility in that schedule, just in case the situation takes longer to resolve than you think.

  • Review your syllabus for points that must change: What will have to temporarily change in your syllabus (policies, due dates, assignments, etc.)? Since students will also be thrown off by the changes, they will appreciate details whenever you can provide them.

Remote Communications - Manage Your Email, Announcements and Voicemail Remotely


CSULB Students, Faculty and Staff can access their campus email address via CSULB Single Sign On (SSO). 

  • Login with your campus credentials (Beach ID Number and Password) at CSULB SSO.
  • Find and click/tap the "Outlook" (faculty/staff) or "Beachmail" (student) chiclet

Users can also set up locally downloaded email clients to manage their CSULB email address.

Posting news and announcements to your class or organization is easy to do in BeachBoard and a good way to inform your audience.

Please see the Academic Technology Services' guide to BeachBoard communications, including considerations for: accessibility, media use, and mobile development.

CSULB instructors can manage their voicemails and mailbox settings in several ways:

  • Through a phone
    • On-Campus: Dial 51234 and enter your telephone security code (for digital and VoIP phones, press the steady or flashing “voice mail” button).
    • Off-Campus: Dial (562) 985-1234 and enter your telephone number followed by your security code when prompted.
  • Online using the Web PhoneManager Portal
  • Through any email account. Be sure to set up the account via the Web PhoneManager Portal first in order to receive notifications with downloaded voicemail files.