Delivering Online Assessments - Creating and Proctoring Quizzes and Exams

BeachBoard hosts a number of features in support of academic integrity when it comes to creating and proctoring an online assessment, including the ability to:

  • Disable Right Click 
  • Turn off BeachBoard notifications while in an exam.
  • Time your exam.
  • Use BeachBoard to automatically shut down exams when time is over.
  • Randomize answers choices between students.
  • Randomize test questions between students.
  • Use BeachBoard’s Question Library to randomly select assessment questions for each student.

See the detailed guide on online assessment (PDF) from Academic Technology Services (ATS) on how to use BeachBoard assessment tools, best practices for monitoring students with Zoom and how to create and draw from a question library. 

High stake assessments are tests that determine whether individual students have reached a specific level of proficiency andthat are intended to be used to determine whether the student is qualified to advance to another level or has met minimum standards.