Loss of Instructional Time

Academic Continuity Plans for Loss of Instructional Time < 2 Weeks


  1. Per Article 24 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and campus procedures, faculty should notify their Department Chair immediately of any class absence(s) due to illness or emergency, or prior if pre-approved by the Department Chair. 2013-Absence-Class-Cancellation_FORM.pdf
  2. If the Department chair is not available, then the Associate Dean (AD) of the College should be notified.
  3. In notifying the Department Chair/AD, faculty are requested to identify potential substitute instructors, or alternative assignments/activities that will be given to students for the lost instructional time.
  4. The Instructor will notify students in the class of their absence, and of any arrangements made for substitute or alternative assignments/activities. If the Instructor is not able to do so, then the Chair/AD will notify the students. Canvas can be used to communicate with the class.


  1. Use of alternative assignments/activities identified by the instructor of record will be considered as meeting class hour requirements and should be included in the assessment of learning for course student learning outcomes (SLOs).
  2. Similarly, use of assignments/activities identified by a substitute instructor should be used by the instructor of record as meeting class hour requirements, and should be included in the assessment of learning for course student learning outcomes (SLOs).
  3. If no alternative assignments/activities are identified by the instructor of record or a substitute instructor, then class hours and course content should be made up during the remainder of the semester. This should be accomplished with asynchronous learning, since faculty and/or students may not be able to re-arrange their schedule to meet during non-scheduled times. In this manner all course hours and student learning objectives should be met.

Office Hours

  1. Per Policy Statement 14-15 (Faculty Office Hours), faculty shall notify their department office and students if they are unable to meet scheduled office hours.
  2. If the department staff is unavailable, faculty should notify their department chair and AD.