Content Development - Creating Online Presentations and Digital Materials

How to make a pre-recorded presentation available to your students:

  • Recording your lectures will certainly help students in the event of an extended leave, but is also a helpful practice to personally review lecture content, delivery style and comprehension. Various lecture capture options are available, including:

    • Kaltura Capture records your screen and/or a webcam view of yourself (or both at once), along with audio. Advanced features like live drawing and editing give you additional ways to enhance the content. Recordings are automatically saved in BeachBoard. 

    • Camtasia is a powerful, yet simple desktop or iOS screen recording software for those who want more editing flexibility and options. With Camtasia, you can also import images, audio files, and other video files to create a rich, multimedia experience. Camtasia is available on a complimentary basis through the campus Software Depot.

  • Recordings can be hosted and distributed via BeachBoard

  • How to deliver digital course materials or supplemental activities:

    • BeachBoard is the central delivery system for academic content. See the Academic Technology Services guide on uploading and organizing materials in the BeachBoard Course Content Module

    • Freely available to all CSULB constituents is the LinkedIn Learning Library (formerly Using third party, but professionally-curated web courses on content is a good way to supplement digital instruction. While most courses center around business practices and software tutorials, the service has expanded to include learning pathways related to career development

Research Online

Guides to help research activities are available on this site: 

The campus is committed to ensuring that courses with a laboratory component also have possible alternative solutions available to continue teaching online. See the Academic Technology Services one-pager on lab resources (PDF)