The Learning Center FAQ

You can schedule back-to-back appointments to stretch your appointment for an hour if you feel you need that time.  Often, hour-long appointments are needed for topics such as idea organization and reading strategies.


If you would like to book an appointment, please schedule via Beach Connect. Please check your e-mail the night before your appointment for the Zoom link to your appointment. View the Appointment Procedures & Guidelines for more information.

Appointments are limited to 1 hour per course per week.

Appointments not cancelled within 4 hours of their start time will be marked as a "No Show.

Yes, turoting services are free to current CSULB students. All fees for individual appointments have been dropped.

Please allow at least 24 business hours, and up to 72 business hours, for 1-on-1 appointment requests to be processed


Academic Coaching:

If you would like to book an appointment, please schedule via Beach Connect. When scheduling, select ‘online academic coaching’ as your reason. Please check your e-mail the night before your appointment for the Zoom link to your appointment. View the Appointment Procedures & Guidelines for more information.

Appointments are unlimited and free; many students schedule weekly to stay accountable and make progress on their learning goals. 

  • Learn challenging material
  • Manage you time more effectively and efficiently
  • Recognize important information in a textbook or lecture
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Study for and take tests successfully
  • Plan research projects and papers

When you make your appointment, you can select the coach you would like to work with.  If you are making the appointment over the phone/zoom, let the persona helping you know the name of the coach you would like to work with.

Yes, a friend or classmate can attend your appointment with you, but they will need to be a CSULB student in order to be “checked in” to our systems.

An appointment will ensure that you get time with a coach to work on your skills and is recommended. See our webpage for days and times available for drop-in help. 

The coach will ask you what classes you are taking, how you feel you are doing in those classes, what grades you have so far, and what you would like to work on.  A typical first question is “what are you here for today?”.  To prepare, browse the Academic Coaching web page and take a look at some of our resources to get an idea of topics you may want to talk about.  Our coaches will offer you strategies to try related to your study questions and will encourage you to make a follow-up appointment so that we can see how you are progressing.  Appointments are most successful when students are open and honest about their study needs.  All information discussed in the appointment is confidential.

1 - on - 1 appointments will last 30 minutes.

Yes, appointments are free for current CSULB students.

We would love to see your face, but camera is completely optional.  Your coach will use camera unless otherwise indicated due to technical issues, etc.

Yes, a coach can work with you via e-mail if that works better for you.  E-mail Jennifer Luarca at to set that up. 

You will get a “no show” notification from Beach Connect letting you know you missed your appointment.  You can then re-schedule at a better time. 

If you can, cancel your appointment via Beach Connect so that time can be freed up for another student.  Then, reschedule at a better time. 

Yes, CSULB faculty, staff, clubs, and organizations can request workshops for their class or group.
Workshops are free and can be tailored to your class or group's needs.
We do ask that a faculty and/or staff member is present during the workshop for supervision purposes.

To schedule a workshop contact Jennifer Luarca at


Supplemental Instruction:

Instead of searching for SI, try typing in the number for the SI directly into the box above the search option. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact TLC at

If you’re a full-time student, SI is included in your registration fees. Out-of-state and international students must pay for the additional unit.

Please visit our Applying to The Learning Center page to see if positions are open for SI Leaders.