Faculty and the Learning Center

Please watch this webinar on Academic Support Services to familiarize yourself with some of these support services in case you may want to incorporate them into your classes and into your syllabi.


Learn more about the Academic Coaching and Supplemental Instruction programs.

How do I refer students to the Learning Center?

Learning Center receptionists in-person and via zoom can help students access center services most appropriate for them. Faculty who prefer to consult our professional staff about helping with particular academic needs are invited to contact staff directly via email or telephone.

How can I arrange to have someone visit my class?

Our professional staff welcome opportunities to introduce Learning Center services to your students, emphasizing those resources most applicable to your course. Our Academic Coaches also present Learning Skills workshops to classes, designing them in ways that help students apply key skills to your curriculum or to particular assignments.

What Learning Center information should I include in my syllabus?

We offer the following statement that you can modify, if needed, to meet your students' needs:

Whether your goal is to pass this course or maintain your 4.0, the Learning Center can help you study smarter.

Academic Coaches know the best ways for you to learn the material in the courses you have now. Tutors and Supplemental Instruction Leaders clarify difficult or confusing course content. If English is your second language, ESL Specialists can help you master English more quickly by increasing your reading, writing, and test-taking success. For more information, visit the Learning Center in SSC 160, go to www.csulb.edu/tlc, or call 562.985.5350. To make an appointment, visit the Learning Center during its operating hours: Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm & Fri 9am-12pm.