Science Methods

Greetings SCED 475 and EDSS 450C students

In addition to the class meetings and assignments required by your instructor and the CSULB credential program, your class has an additional out-of-class component designed to give you the opportunity to explore a variety of resources that can support your efforts as a future teacher.

Note that these assignments are considered to be part of the activity or lab period associated with the class, much as science laboratory sessions are associated with science lecture classes. This 'hybrid' assignment gives students more flexibility in scheduling classes, and avoids what would be a 4-hour weekly class.

Over the course of the semester, you will be asked to sign up for and participate in activities from two broad categories: community resources and technology resources.

For community resources activities, Category I: Science Education Outside of the Classroom features a list of different events and teacher workshops sponsored by a variety of community institutions, including museums, aquariums, colleges, and other similar sites in the area.

For technology resources activities, Category II: Technology Resources and Experiences features self-directed activities where you are asked to explore a website or software program and submit some product as evidence of your work.

Distance Learning Piece of Science Methods

As technology grows in its ease of use and ease of accessibility, Science Education Department wants our all our science methods students to experience technology-enhanced science learning and teaching. We want you to experience a science methods course where Internet use is commonplace, where email is a natural medium for communication, where technologies are used to support traditional learning and where community resources outside the classroom are accessed for learning purposes.

In conjunction with your in-class meetings we expect this distance learning journey to be a very fruitful and rewarding experience. If you have any questions about any expectations or assignments in this component of your SCED 475 or EDSS 450C course, please do not hesitate to contact your instructor.

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