Lili Gallegos Wins 2021 CASE Future Science Teacher Award

Published October 9, 2021

Lili Gallegos was recognized by the California Associate of Science Educators with the 2021 Future Science Teacher Award.

Each year CASE recognizes outstanding individuals in the science education field as part of their annual awards. These educators have shown remarkable leadership, advocacy, and passion in their careers, and have truly made a difference in their schools and/or communities.

Lili started her academic career with CSULB in Fall 2016, right after high school. During Lili's time on campus, she was involved with the College of Education as a student ambassador.

During one of the many workshops she had worked, she met Dr. Laura Henriques, who encouraged her to become a volunteer at the Science Learning Center. The Science Learning Center provides unique learning experiences for elementary and middle school aged students in local communities through exhibits and activities that encourage questioning and hands-on investigation. Through her experiences at Science Learning Center, Lili gained a deeper understanding of hands-on science lessons, as well as encouragement to seek out more knowledge in regards to science content.

Lili graduated from CSULB in Spring 2021 with her degree in Liberal Studies/Multiple Subject Credential (ITEP). Lili is currently substitute teaching and continues to use her science lessons and practices that she learned from her on campus experiences with her students.

Said Lili about receiving the award:

I didn't think that I would ever enjoy science. This award is validation that I can be successful in teaching science. Coming into college, science was the subject I was the most insecure about, but when I made the effort to understand science education, I started to find a love for science. This award also encourages me to continue to teach science to students in an engaging way.

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