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Zipcar is the world's largest car sharing network with two Zipcars located conveniently right on campus.

These cars offer temporary vehicle use as an alternative to traditional car rental or ownership. Anyone 18 years or older, with a valid driver’s license (international OK) is eligible to rent from Zipcar. In fact, CSULB students, faculty and staff can take advantage of a $55/year discount on membership. Join with your email address and your membership rate is only $15 per year (normally $70).

How does it work?

Zipcar members pay a monthly or annual membership fee in addition to a reservation/usage charges. Members can reserve Zipcars with the mobile app or online through the Zipcar website at any time up to a year in advance. Zipcars can be reserved by the hour or by the day.

Members have automated access to Zipcars using an access card, which works in conjunction with the car's technology to unlock the door. The keys will be located inside. Zipcar also offers an iPhone or Android application that allows members to honk the horn to locate a Zipcar and unlock the doors (how cool is that?).

Zipcar charges a one-time application fee, an annual fee, and a reservation charge. Fuel, parking, insurance, and car maintenance are included in the membership price.

Where do I find one?

Zipcar currently has two cars on CSULB campus, one in Lot G6 and one in Lot E2.

How do I rent?

  • Step 1: Apply for a Zipcar membership
  • Step 2: Reserve a Zipcar for an hour, an afternoon or the whole day. Do it online or on your phone via the Zipcar mobile app.
  • Step 3: Walk to your chosen Zipcar car and hold your Zipcard against the windshield. The doors will unlock and the keys will be inside.
  • Step 4: When your time is almost up, return your Zipcar to its original parking spot. Be sure to follow all instructions provided on the Zipcar website.

What is included?

  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Miles (up to 180 miles/day)
  • Your own Zipcard
  • The mobile app (free download for iOS and Android)

Zipcar is a private, independent company and not affiliated with the CSU or providing services in partnership with CSULB. Please visit the Zipcar website for full rental terms and conditions, services they provide, and additional eligibility restrictions.