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The City of Long Beach has been named one of the top ten most walkable cities in the nation.

Students and staff who live less than 2 miles from campus should consider walking is a possible commute option. No equipment needed, no gas, insurance or permit fees, no traffic or citations. With our sunny California weather and the relatively flat topography surrounding CSULB, walking to/from campus has never been easier. 

A California State University, Long Beach, case study reports:

"Walking more each day is related to a wide variety of mood and personality variables. The more people walk each day, the more energetic they feel and the better their mood.  Although intuitively it would seem that walking more reduces energy, the opposite is true. More walking is associated with more energy. In addition to more energy and better mood, self-esteem and happiness increase when people walk more." 

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the average length of a walking trip is 1.2 miles. Walking has been shown to reduce feelings of depression, stress and anxiety. You can arrive at your destination feeling energized and alert without an artificial boost from caffeine. Daily walking can also help improve cardiovascular function and help prevent osteoporosis and diabetes.