Provost's Message - September 2022

September 2022

Latinx Heritage Month, Sally Casanova Awards, and More! 

Hello friends,

The Fall 2022 Semester is in full swing! Our community is truly back at the Beach! Seeing so many of our students and colleagues connecting across campus is joyful and reminds us of many of the things about the Beach we have missed. Here’s to wishing ALL of you a strong start to your classes, and we hope you are getting involved and finding your community at the Beach.

One great opportunity to connect around community involves our Cultural Welcomes to be held September 12-16. These events will provide opportunities to connect not only with communities we find closest to our own experiences but with others as well to enrich our sense of support and appreciation for ALL!

Throughout September 2022, CSULB is proudly celebrating Latinx Heritage Month. Be sure to check out the wonderful Latinx Heritage Month Events going on throughout September. Our Latinx students, faculty, and staff make up a large part of our Beach community, so let us each commit to dropping by these activities – I am sure you will come away learning something new about your Beach family members!

We ALL play a role in creating an inviting and inclusive campus culture. Together, we can find powerful (and rewarding) ways to connect to one another and celebrate the value each person brings to this campus. Go Beach! - Provost Karyn Scissum Gunn