Grants and Gifts

Last Updated: 4/11/24

Updated Grants and Gifts Information for April Will Be Posted Soon

Congratulations to the latest members of our Beach community: 

  • Andrea Balbas. CAREER: Investigating the tectono-magmatic response to a transitioning plate boundary: a case study of the California Borderlands. CNSM. NSF. $998,767 (July 2024 – June 2029) 

  • Joanna Barreras. Center for AIDS Research at Emory University. CHHS. Center for AIDS Research at Emory University via NIH. $33,330 (August 2022 – May 2024) 

  • Laura D'Anna. HIVE-EHE Evaluation 2024. CHHS. LAC+USC Medical Center Foundation, Inc. via DHHS. $60,000 (January 2024 – August 2024) 

  • Malcolm Finney. CAREER: Investigating the tectono-magmatic response to a transitioning plate boundary: a case study of the California Borderlands. FA. Trustees of the CSU. $30,000 (September 2023 – June 2024) 

  • Deborah Fraser. Complement Protein C1q Regulation of Macrophage Metabolic Pathways. CNSM. NIH. $132,750 (May 2023 – February 2027) 

  • Araceli Gonzalez. Behavioral telehealth in low-resource primary care settings for anxiety and depression in youth: A randomized effectiveness-implementation study. SDSU Foundation via NIH. CLA. $38,552 (August 2023 – May 2028) 

  • Gerry Hanley. RCN:LEAPS: Leveraging, Enhancing and Developing Biology (LED-BIO) Scientific Societies Shedding Light on Persistent Cultural Challenges. CLA. American Society for Cell Biology via NSF. $3,764 (January 2022 – December 2024) 

  • Rajbir Judge. Columbia University South Asia Institute National Resource Center. CLA. The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York via US Dept. of Ed. $25,574 (August 2022 – August 2024) 

  • Mimi Kim. Strengthening Social Network Responses to Domestic Violence. CHHS. Community Partner via Blue Shield of California. $39,590 (January 2024 – June 2024) 

  • Alex Klotz. Computational Studies of Biomolecular Topology. CNSM. NSF. $750,201 (July 2024 – June 2029) 

  • Sudha Krishnan. The CSUN VITA Program. CBA. CSUN Corporation via US Dept. of Treasury/IRS. $13,500 (October 2023 – September 2024) 

  • Guotong Li. Gender and Family in Globalization: Quanzhou and the Creation of Maritime Asia (1360-1640). CLA. NEH. $60,000 (July 2024 – June 2025) 

  • Wade Martin. DBLA Small Business Education Series. CBA. Downtown Long Beach Associates (DBLA). $13,930 (January 2024 – December 2024) 

  • Elhami Nasr. Cost Estimating models for the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) Portfolio of Projects. COE. SJSRF via CalTrans. $29,808 (August 2023 – July 2024) 

  • Amy Ricketts. Aligning the Science Teacher Education Pathway. A Networked Improvement Community. CNSM. CSUEB Foundation via NSF. $116,193 (July 2019 – June 2024) 

  • Antonella Sciortino. MESA College Prep. COE. UCOP. $310,000 (July 2023 – June 2024) 

  • Shams Tanvir. Consistent VMT Mapping and Modeling in California: How can we better assess the VMT impacts of state and local transportation projects?. COE. SJSRF MTI CSUTC. $33,557 (August 2023 – June 2024) 

  • Kevin Wallsten. Free Speech in the Court of Public Opinion: Replicating FIRE's Collegiate Survey among All American. CLA. Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, Inc. (FIRE). $31,400 (January 2024 – December 2024)