How CSULB is harnessing the power of AI to enhance teaching, learning

Published February 14, 2024
Person sitting on bench and using laptop.

The power and potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming practically every industry, including higher education. At Cal State Long Beach, the AI Steering Committee has been reviewing and identifying the best use of AI technologies as a coordinated effort with its two subcommittees to ensure campus-wide implementation. 

"The goal of the AI Steering Committee is to find ways to ethically implement new technology and enhance student learning, outcomes and experiences,” said Karyn Scissum Gunn, provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs at The Beach, who co-chairs the committee with Beth Lesen, vice president of Student Affairs. “At The Beach, we aim to be a future-ready campus at the forefront of innovation. This effort is all about meeting the moment, keeping pace with the world around us, and finding ways to meaningfully explore new tools. I am eager to engage in this work and believe AI technology will be an excellent addition to CSULB." 

Here’s a look at the plethora of new and upcoming resources, events, workshops and tools to help CSULB students, staff and faculty gain a better understanding of using this burgeoning technology. 

A person sits on bench and uses a laptop.

Microsoft Copilot

Did you know your prompts and interactions are not protected while using ChatGPT? The latest Microsoft Enterprise AI technology, Microsoft Enterprise Copilot, which uses GPT-4, is now available for the campus community to ensure personal and university data is protected and to help with writing, presentations, data analysis and more. To access Microsoft Copilot, you can log onto the Single Sign-on website and click the “Copilot” tile.     

CSULB students in classroom.

AI Technology Website  

The AI Technology website highlights important AI-related information with sub-pages like AI for Teaching and Learning and Student Guidelines on Generative AI.  

Professional Development for Faculty and Staff 

Academic Technology Services (ATS) will host numerous events and workshops during the spring semester. ATS recently hosted an AI “No Prep” Book Club #1: Kickoff Meeting for faculty on Feb. 6 as a new series. ATS is working on upcoming webinars for staff and will collaborate with the Division of Information Technology to identify future AI student training opportunities. 

Turnitin AI Detection Tool 

Faculty can opt in for the Turnitin AI detection tool, which provides information about the percentage of AI-generated content in submissions from students. 

Responsible AI Course  

In fall 2024, the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPaCE) and the College of Business (COB) will offer this course to students in the Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) degree program. It will introduce ethical, social and technical considerations for developing responsible AI systems. Topics will include bias, fairness, “explainability,” transparency, privacy, accountability, and legal and regulatory frameworks. Cloud technology is used for hands-on experience in creating these systems. 

Virtual assistant kiosk in the Horn Center lobby.

Virtual Assistant  

CSULB’s Technology Help Desk (THD) has launched a virtual assistant project this semester to help users with technology issues. The THD virtual assistant kiosks are available for the Beach community to chat with and video call THD agents in the Horn Center lobby and University Library on the fifth floor. This summer, the assistant will include a self-help chatbot to get answers to common technology questions. The ability to access services on devices on or off campus will be available in late 2024.