Leveraging Interdisciplinary Nutritional Knowledge (LINK)

The LINK Program is a collaboration between five Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) in Southern California: two 4-year universities, California State University (CSU) Long Beach and CSU Fullerton, and three 2-year community colleges (CC) including Fullerton, Long Beach City, and Santa Ana Colleges. The LINK Program will promote the success of 26 underrepresented (UR) students in the food and human sciences professional and scientific workforce emphasizing Latino nutrition through outreach, mentoring, education, support services, research, and professional internships with community partners.


U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Award #2021-77040-34904

LINK Scholar Activities Chart


LINK Scholar Activities Chart

Program Goals

  1. Increase number of UR undergraduate and graduate students graduating
  2. Increase knowledge of nutrition, food and human sciences
  3. Increase capacity to apply nutritional science and promotion
  4. Develop leadership abilities
  5. Increase awareness of nutrition and health sciences/public health majors and careers 
  6. Align HSI efforts to support transfer student academic development and success

Program Activities