ÁNDALE Latino Research Training Program

The Advancing Nutrition Development through Alliance for Education and Leadership (ÁNDALE) Latino Research Training Program aims to train fifty (50) underrepresented undergraduate students in Latino nutrition and disease prevention, enhance their professional development, and engage them in research with a faculty mentor in an effort to better prepare them to enter graduate school or the workforce.

Program Activities

The ÁNDALE Latino Research Training Program is a 10-week research and training program for undergraduate students to understand the contexts wherein nutrition and health-related decisions and behaviors occur by engaging in nutrition and health related research while receiving mentorship from faculty and staff. The program will begin with an intensive one-week orientation and training (See table below). The purpose of the training is to provide students with an understanding of the research process, specifically, community-based participatory research as it relates to nutrition and Latino health, responsible and ethical conduct of research, and professional development. For the remaining nine weeks, students will conduct research for 10 hours per week with a faculty mentor and receive mentorship. At the end of the 10 weeks, students will give 10-minute presentations on their experience, including the research project, skills and knowledge gained, and future goals. Students will also have the opportunity to submit an abstract and attend a professional conference with all expenses paid.

2022 ANDALE Scholars Program

Training & Orientation Overview

Day 1 Introduction to Latino nutrition, nutrition-related chronic diseases affecting Latinos, leadership development
Day 2 Effective research methods for working with Latinos including, CBPR, Promotores de Salud (community health workers), a biopsychosocial research approach, responsible & ethical conduct in research, professional etiquette, elevator speeches
Day 3 Mixed methods research including quantitative and qualitative data, with an emphasis on focus groups, developing interventions and programs, career planning, graduate school
Day 4 Culturally responsive nutrition education among Latinos including cultural and linguistic competence and appropriate services (CLAS), dietary and physical activity national goals and recommendations, resume, CV, cover letters
Day 5 Understanding scientific literature, abstract and poster development, student and faculty research panel, goal setting, individual development plans

Program Dates

Training August 3rd – 5th & 8th - 9th, 2022
Research August 29th – October 28th, 2022
Presentations November 4th, 2022