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Office Supplies (Staples)

Covid-19 Update for Staples

Office Supply Orders While Working Remotely:

For office supplies requested while working remotely please direct the requestor to their appropriate administrator for email approval. With email approval, the purchase should be made on the department PCard and shipped to the employee home. This type of purchase is not restricted to Staples Office Supply. Do not order supplies to be held on campus for pickup.

Office Supply Orders for On-Campus Department Operations:

For on campus operations office supply requests should continue to go through the Staples Online order system. The Receiving Department will contact Procurement,, to coordinate the delivery to your building.

Staples is the CSU system-wide contractor for office supplies; all purchases for office supplies for CSULB departments should be made through Staples unless otherwise approved through the Procurement Services office.

Staples offers low contract pricing on a large selection of office supplies, toners and ink cartridges, recycled products, and technology supplies. Staples provides easy on-line ordering and prompt desktop delivery.

Access the Staples Advantage interface via your Single Sign On (SSO) account. If you do not see the icon, you will need to complete a Service Provider Activation Request form requesting Staples service to be able to browse and purchase items.

Staples also offers a CSU Employee Discount. Please contact Angelina Escalera for details.

CSULB encourages sustainable business practices, therefore, we do not encourage ordering paper catalogs unless absolutely necessary (ex. individuals who do not have easy access to the Internet). If required, a paper catalog may be ordered by using Staples Item # 1204574.

Aditional Important Information

Do I need an ATI/IT Review?

What is ICT?

  • Anything that creates, stores, or transfers digital information.
  • Information technology and other equipment, systems, technologies, or processes, for which the principal function is the creation, manipulation, storage, display, receipt, or transmission of electronic data and information, as well as any associated content.
  • Examples include websites, web applications, copiers/printers, instructional equipment and applications, video and multimedia products, software, operating systems, kiosk, desktop and portable computers, research applications, etc.

There are limits to Furniture purchases and other items requiring installation or service. Those items should not be purchased through a Staples Advantage profile. Please refer to How-to Purchase and Pay for purchasing furniture or services that will be performed on-site Requiring a Binding Agreement or Insurance.

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