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Design Now Offering an MA in Human Experience Design Interactions (HXDI)

Published February 9, 2019

The Department of Design is excited to offer students a Master of Arts in Human Experience Design Interactions (MA_HXDI).

The program will prepare students and/or returning professionals from diverse undergraduate backgrounds for advanced multidisciplinary design work in careers of their choice.

Through the MA_HXDI program, students will develop expertise in the tools and methods of experience design as a strategy for making and adding value to systems, products, spaces, and services. Through a diverse faculty and collaborations with leading organizations, students will use cutting-edge technology tools while developing novel solutions to complex challenges. These tools provide both the quantitative data to support the qualitative research of human-centered design, as well as the digital interactions of contemporary human communication and experience. This ‘theory plus practice’ approach prepares students to smoothly transition into the broad spectrum of professional design roles, from design research to interaction design.

Utilizing research labs in the Department of Design, students have the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary research, independently and through collaborations with business, government, education, entertainment, health care, and technology organizations. These collaborations will provide students with highly sought after knowledge and skills for advanced design work.

Learn all about this new exciting program and how to apply!

HXDI students and faculty engaged in strategy session

Recent HXDI student class

HXDI student presentations