CSULB Campus Regulations 2022 - 23

Regulations for Campus Activities, Student Organizations & the University Community



  1. Use of University Buildings, Facilities and Grounds
  2. Free Speech, Expression, Demonstrations, Protests, Rallies and Other Public Assemblies on University Property
  3. Distribution of Printed Non-Commercial Material
  4. Commercial Transactions, Commercial Solicitation and Solicitation for Donations
  5. Posting of Signs
  6. Use of University Facilities for Fundraising Events
  7. Filming on Campus

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  1. Scheduling Policies
  2. Tier Classification
  3. Event Approval Process (EAP)
  4. Facility Reservations
  5. Temporary Art Installations
  6. Insurance and Other Facility Approvals
  7. Maximum Reservations
  8. Deaf/Hard of Hearing/Hearing Impaired
  9. Violations, Damage, and Charge
  10. Final Examination Period
  11. Advertising/Publicizing Events
  12. Closed Events
  13. Cash Handling for Student Events
  14. Additional Procedures
  15. Exceptions

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  1. Identification of Publicity
  2. Release of Publicity
  3. Time Limits
  4. Areas Prohibited For Posting
  5. Posting at Campus Entrances
  6. Posters on Stakes
  7. Handbills and Circulars
  8. Special Event Signs and Banners
  9. Kiosks
  10. Display Cases – University Student Union
  11. Hanging Banners – University Student Union
  12. Electronic Marquees
  13. Interior Announcement Boards
  14. Programs Funded in Part by Associated Students
  15. Commercial or Personal Items for Sale Postings-Will Be Removed
  16. Commercial Transaction
  17. Chalking
  18. Authority and Exceptions
  19. Violations of Regulation IV

Full PDF for this Regulation IV (PDF)

  1. Information Tables
  2. Individually Pre-Packaged Food Sales (Group One Foods)
  3. Food Sales
  4. Other Fundraising
  5. Use of Tables

Full PDF for this Regulation V (PDF)

  1. Annual Registration for Recognized Student Organizations
  2. Club Sports Organizations
  3. Student Academic Associations
  4. Fraternities, Sororities, Honor Societies, Coordinating Councils, Student Academic Association Councils
  5. New Clubs and Organizations
  6. Updating Constitutions and Bylaws
  7. Name Change for Student Organizations
  8. Discrimination
  9. Hazing
  10. Disciplinary Procedures for Recognized Clubs or Organizations
  11. Donations to Student Organizations
  12. Off-Campus Bank Accounts
  13. Financial Obligations to University and/or University Auxiliary
  14. Covid-19 Vaccines and Testing Requirements

Full PDF for this Regulation VI (PDF)

  1. Major Student Government and Organization Offices
  2. Minor Representative Officers
  3. Dance and Cheer Teams and Mascot
  4. System-Wide Committee Appointees
  5. Holding Offices Concurrently
  6. Notification of Ineligibility
  7. Appeals
  8. Explanation of Terms

Full PDF for this Regulation VII (PDF)

  1. Policies
  2. University-Affiliated Groups
  3. Other Groups
  4. Preferred Mode of Travel
  5. Travel in Privately-Owned Vehicles
  6. Travel Performed by Instructional Groups
  7. Travel Performed by ASI-Affiliated Groups
  8. Travel by Student Organizations

Full PDF for this Regulation VIII (PDF)

  1. Student Responsibility
  2. Individual Health and Accident Insurance
  3. Student Professional Liability Insurance
  4. The Associated Students
  5. Assumption of Liability
  6. Potential Requirement for Additional Insurance
  7. University Employees

Full PDF for this Regulation IX (PDF)

  1. Alcohol Policies
  2. Drug Policies
  3. Medical Amnesty Policy
  4. Non-Compliance
  5. Tobacco and Smoking Policy

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Full PDF for this Regulation XV (PDF)

  1. Campus Community Values
  2. Cheating and Plagiarism Policy
  3. Student Academic Honors Pledge
  4. Grounds for Student Discipline
  5. Procedures for Enforcing This Code
  6. Application of This Code

Full PDF for this Regulation XVI (PDF)