Collagen: A Cosmetic Obsession - Fellows Colloquium

Tuesday, March 5, 2024
5:30pm via Zoom

The US collagen market has experienced remarkable growth, reaching a value of $2.11 billion in 2022. Why are people so obsessed with collagen? Why is it gaining such widespread attention? Should one incorporate it into their routine – through consumption, topical application, or by stimulating the body's natural production?

In her presentation, Dr. Kasha Slowinska will talk about the research conducted in her laboratory, in collaboration with Shiseido, a leading Japanese cosmetics company, and explore the methods to help your body make more collagen.

Join us as Dr. Slowinska share insights into our findings and discoveries made by her dedicated students, shedding light on how you can enhance collagen production for overall well-being and skincare.


This is a Zoom webinar event. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

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About the Presenter

Kasha Slowinska

Dr. Katarzyna (Kasha) Slowinska is a Professor in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at the California State University, Long Beach. She is a bio analytical and biophysical chemist with expertise in collagen matrix technology, diffusion studies, and synthetic polymers characterization. Her research focuses on the design and synthesis of new collagen-based materials for drug delivery and implantable senors.

Dr. Slowinska earned her Ph.D. in chemistry from UC Berkeley and worked as a research chemist at GE Global Research Center prior to joining the faculty at CSULB in 2004. She received the CSULB Outstanding Professor Award in 2023 and the CNSM Faculty Award for Excellence (a.k.a. the Pretty Darn Good Professor Award) in 2022.

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