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Graduate Recognition 2019-2020

Published May 18, 2020

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is proud of each and every one of our graduating students. Our celebration of this highlight in your academic careers begins with this virtual recognition. We look forward to celebrating more when we get to see you all and congratulate you in person at the CSULB 71st Commencement. We know that you are truly the best and the brightest. We are excited to recognize this milestone in your professional development and we cheer you as you begin your next chapter.

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VIDEO: Commencement 2020 Message from the CNSM Dean


Video Transcript

Dear Graduates, today is the day you would have celebrated at commencement this year had the COVID-19 epidemic not forced us all to be safer at home. I am sad that we are unable to gather in celebration of your achievements at this time.

However, I am grateful that so many of you were able to find a way to overcome the unexpected challenges and successfully complete the semester. I am also grateful that we will be able to celebrate these achievements at a later date.

Earning a bachelor's degree or a master's degree takes a lot of hard work. Earning it when your last term has been derailed by a pandemic is exceptional.

All of you should be proud of yourselves. Persevering in science and mathematics through the last many years is a testament to your inner strength, your perseverance, and your willingness to sacrifice now for a better tomorrow. Well done!

Today is a day for celebration, but also a day for reflection on what made it possible for you to get here.  If we were all together, I would ask you to take a moment to thank all of those who helped you get here, be it your close friends, your classmates, or your chosen family.

Today is still a good day to thank those around you. Indeed in this time of social distancing, it is even more important for you to reach out to those you love and respect, and those to whom you owe a debt of gratitude, even if you can only do so electronically.

If we were all physically together today, as you crossed the stage and shook my hand, you would be able to look out on everyone in the audience and see your faculty there so happy for your success. You would see them happy to see you embark on the next step of your life's journey. They would be applauding you, shaking your hands, and celebrating with you.

Know that even though we are not physically together, the faculty are still celebrating your accomplishments, they are still wishing you success as you journey on, and they are still celebrating your achievements in their hearts.

Let me close by simply saying,

Congratulations to the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics graduating class of 2020!

Commencement Awards

The faculty of the College are proud to announce the following commencement award recipients.

Graduate Dean's List of University Scholars and Artists

Leo Giannetta

Leo Giannetta, M.S. Geology

Chloe Anna Van Grootheest

Chloe Anna Van Grootheest, M.S. Biology

Lee J. Macklin

Lee J. Macklin, M.S. Biochemistry

Not pictured:

  • Antonio Garcia Vallejo, M.S. Physics

Outstanding Thesis Awards

Emily Meese

Emily Meese, M.S. Biology

Phillippe Ly

Phillippe Ly, M.S. Chemistry

Marc A. Salinas

Marc A. Salinas, M.S. Physics

Amelia Anne Strickland

Amelia Anne Strickland, M.S. Science Education - Secondary Science Education

Not pictured:

  • Ian McGregor, M.S. Geology

Graduating Phi Beta Kappa Nominees from Members in Class 2018-2019

  • Xiwen (Eri) Xu, Biological Sciences
  • Claudia Camacho Garcia, Mathematics and Statistics

Phi Beta Kappa Nominees from Members in Class 2019-2020

Valeria Sanchez Sanchez

Valeria Sanchez Sanchez, Mathematics and Statistics

Not pictured:

  • Jesus Flores, Biological Sciences
  • Emily Shu, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Alondra Fernandez, Environmental Science and Policy

Departmental Honors

Biological Sciences

Anna Van-Anh Nguyen

Anna Van-Anh Nguyen, B.S. Biology - Molecular Cell Biology and Physiology

Kevin Khoa Trinh

Kevin Khoa Trinh, B.S. Biology

Matan Grunfeld

Matan Grunfeld, B.S. Biology - Molecular Cell Biology and Physiology

Christine Angelica Uy

Christine Angelica Uy, B.S. Biology - Organismal Biology

Amanda C. Haas

Amanda C. Haas, M.S. Biology

Nicholas James DaSilva

Nicholas James DaSilva, M.S. Biology

Alisha Nicole Monsibais

Alisha Nicole Monsibais, M.S. Microbiology

Hannah Caroline Rattu Mandias

Hannah Caroline Rattu Mandias, B.S. Biology

Mikayla Anne Van Bel

Mikayla Anne Van Bel, M.S. Microbiology

Not pictured:

  • Vi Ngoc Quynh Phan, B.S. Microbiology
  • Grace Maeko Yomogida, B.S. Biology - Molecular Cell Biology and Physiology
  • Shahe Raffi Tchillingirian, B.S. Biology
  • Tina Yuting Wang, B.S. Biology
  • Longthy Thanh Nguyen, B.S. Biology - Molecular Cell Biology and Physiology
  • Angele De Silva, M.S. Microbiology

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jude Bassam Khatib

Jude Bassam Khatib, B.S. Biochemistry

Darian Jordan Gamble

Darian Jordan Gamble, B.S. Biochemistry

William Henry Wellman

William Henry Wellman, B.S. Chemistry

Jonathan Godinez

Jonathan Godinez, M.S. Biochemistry

Kristi Mari Ishihara

Kristi Mari Ishihara, M.S. Chemistry

Bingli Wang

Bingli Wang, M.S. Chemistry

Geological Sciences

Not pictured:

  • Carl S. Jung, B.S. Geology
  • Art Willoughby, B.S. Geology

Mathematics and Statistics

Nathaniel Joseph Morrison

Nathaniel Joseph Morrison, B.S. Mathematics - Applied Mathematics; Physics

Nicholas Roy

Nicholas Roy, B.S. Mathematics - Applied Mathematics

Valeria Sanchez Sanchez

Valeria Sanchez Sanchez, B.S. Mathematics - Mathematics Education

Kirsten Miller

Kirsten Miller, M.S. Mathematics - Applied Statistics

Bao Vu

Bao Vu, M.S. Mathematics - Applied Statistics

Selina Alyse Chavez

Selina Alyse Chavez, M.S. Mathematics - Mathematics Education for Secondary Teachers

Not pictured:

  • Ricky Lee, M.S. Mathematics

Physics and Astronomy

Mary Marouf Usufzy

Mary Marouf Usufzy, B.S. Physics

Roshell Lamug

Roshell Lamug, B.S. Physics

Edward James Garcia

Edward James Garcia, B.S. Physics

Not pictured:

  • Megan Louise Barry, M.S. Physics
  • Nicholas Alexander Werner, M.S. Physics

Science Education

  • Christine Maree Karlberg, M.S. Science Education - Elementary and Middle School Science Education

Richard D. Green Dean's Award - Outstanding Department Baccalaureate Graduates

Biological Sciences

Natalie Winans

Natalie Winans, B.S. Microbiology

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Stephanie Leal

Stephanie Leal, B.S. Biochemistry

Geological Sciences

Francine Marcelle Cason

Francine Marcelle Cason, B.S. Geology

Mathematics and Statistics

Jennifer Gensler

Jennifer Gensler, B.S. Mathematics

Physics and Astronomy

Nathaniel Joseph Morrison

Nathaniel Joseph Morrison, B.S. Physics; Mathematics - Applied Mathematics

Richard D. Green Dean's Award - Outstanding Student Teacher in Science

Holly Carpenter

Holly Carpenter, Single Subject Credential - Biology
B.A. Environmental Science and Policy, California State University, Long Beach

University-wide Commencement

California State University, Long Beach is also celebrating your achievements! Check out Commencement for the collection of social media posts and recognitions.