Students in the Department of Biological Sciences may be eligible for a number of scholarship opportunities. Most of these scholarships are applied to through the BeachScholarships system.

The following scholarships are available. Deadline to apply is March 13, 2022. Please see individual scholarships for eligibility criteria.

Please contact the department for any questions about these scholarships. Additional scholarships are available to science and math majors.

The following scholarship is also available. This scholarship is not in the BeachScholarships system.

Handloser Scholarship

Handloser Graduate Tuition Grant Program in Marine Biology For Entering Graduate Students

The primary goal of the Handloser Graduate Tuition Grant Program in Marine Biology is to support entering graduate students pursuing a Master's Degree, who have been accepted under the supervision of a marine biology faculty. The tuition grant is offered on a competitive basis for the Fall of each year to at least one outstanding entering graduate student accepted to the Department of Biological Sciences, who will be working on marine biology-related research. The award will cover the cost of California in-state tuition for the recipients first two semesters at CSULB. Recipients are expected to acknowledge the Handloser Graduate Tuition Grant Program in Marine Biology in any public presentations and publications resulting from their thesis work at CSULB.

Criteria for Award and Selection Process

The tuition grant is to be offered to outstanding entering graduate students in the field of Marine Biology at CSULB and is to be used to pay their in-state tuition costs for a the first two semesters. The awardees will be chosen based upon academic merit according to the following criteria:

  • The student must be accepted into the graduate program of the Department of Biological Sciences at CSULB to be eligible for the award. All application materials (University application submitted via Cal State Apply, and Department application, transcripts, and Handloser Tuition Grant application essay submitted via email to, including the words "Handloser applicant" in the subject line) must be complete and received by February 15 to be considered for the tuition grant.
  • An eligible student will be evaluated and ranked based on his/her undergraduate science/math GPA, one letter of recommendation that the student must request from the supervising CSULB Marine Biology faculty member, other letters of recommendation that are submitted as part of the Department graduate program application, evidence of publications or other research experience, and the quality of Handloser Tuition Grant application essay. The application essay will consist of a 750-word narrative where the applicant will describe her/his research interests and career goals (see application form).
  • The awards are to be granted only to students starting in the fall semester and must be used in their first year. The award is to cover only the cost of in-state tuition for the first two semesters.

Award recipients will be notified of the tuition grant offer by March 15 along with the Department acceptance letter. The prospective awardee(s) will have until April 1 to respond in writing declaring their intention to attend CSULB and accept the tuition grant.

Out of state prospective students are eligible to apply for the tuition grant and, if offered, will be awarded the equivalent of California in-state tuition costs. The supervising CSULB Marine Biology faculty member can request an out-of-state tuition waiver from the University for the applicant. These awards are also made on a competitive basis.

Application Form

Handloser Tuition Grant Application (DOCX)

All application materials MUST be received by the Department of Biological Sciences no later than February 15.