Reimagine Staff

From alternative work schedules to telecommuting, forces of change are already affecting our modes of work. The COVID crisis has tested our adaptability, and we have an opportunity to capitalize on the lessons learned. Furthermore, with increasing demand for parking and office space, rising cost of living near campus, and the necessity to reduce commuting for climate goals, alternative work models are an inevitable feature of the evolving workforce.

By refining policies and infrastructure for alternative work formats, we will positively influence staff morale, improve work/life balance, improve cost efficiency and productivity, and attract talented, diverse candidates.

Initiatives to nurture a staff culture of collaboration and community will extoll greater campus citizenship to students as a downstream effect, and support for intellectual achievement, career advancement, and professional development will help ensure CSULB is a pathway for growth for staff as well as students.

Improving pathways and communication regarding salaries, skills growth, and professional development is vital to retaining staff, maintaining institutional knowledge, and fostering innovation on campus.