Build a Growth Strategy

Growing our capacity to offer new programs in new modalities and new locations will ensure that CSULB is relevant, competitive, and serving the public in 2030.

Non-traditional learners and second career seekers require efficient ways to add to their knowledge/skill base, gain credit for experience, or simply re-enter the education structure, and many industries are seeking creative ways to qualify and retool their workforce.

A comprehensive reimagining and realigning of the College of Professional & International Education (CPIE) will include the diversification and expansion of curricular offerings in high-demand disciplines. We must extend access to new learners and second-career seekers. We should explore ways to leverage stateside curricular processes that can support development and/or repurpose existing offerings to new learners.

Offering the “Beach” experience to learners in satellite locations contributes significantly to our ability to grow enrollment and integrate our institution within the broader community. Alternative modes of instruction have already seen significant progress with the conversion to remote teaching in Spring and Fall 2020, and continuing investment in technology, labs, software and mentoring models will ensure learners will have access to necessary resources in every delivery location and discipline.