Build an Equitable and Empowering Culture

To provide the highest quality education to the most students, we must embed equity and diversity into the fiber of the university, and confront patterns of systemic inequity that affect students, faculty and staff.

The Provost has appointed an Executive Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Academic Affairs to provide leadership and synergize efforts among the President’s Commissions, the Academic Senate Climate Committee, Campus Climate Research efforts, and the equity-mindedness of High Impact Practices. Members of the President’s Commissions, departmental task forces, and representative committees are charged with identifying trends and presenting initiatives to enhance access for, and success of, historically underrepresented students, and to increase and retain historically underrepresented tenured faculty, administrators, students, and staff.

The presidential Equity and Action Report, a framework of actions developed in the wake of high-profile incidents of racial injustice on the national stage, is a pathway to confront systemic racial inequities on our campus and become a model for anti-racist action. The contributions of campus and community groups guide our efforts to remove social and cultural barriers among our constituents.