Sharks @ the Beach


Every summer, the Shark Lab and the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics host an event in July, Sharks @ the Beach, for a more extensive look at the research carried out in the Shark Lab and includes a presentation by Dr. Chris Lowe.

This year's event is on July 20, 2019.

This free family-friendly event allows the public to visit the Shark Lab, meet our team, and participate in various activities. Besides shark-related activities, the event includes activities from other science fields, such as:

  • solar telescopes
  • math puzzles
  • physics experiments
  • hands-on tour of the museum collections the fur, skin, and skeletons of mammals, birds, and reptiles
  • tour of the Science Learning Center's exhibits

We typically have between 500-1000 attendees and aim to have a different focus for the event each year.

Shark Lab team