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Dr. Lowe often speaks with media on a range of marine science topics, including sharks, shark attacks, stingrays, fishing, fisheries, marine protected areas and general marine biology. His contact details are as follows:


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Topic: Increasing White Shark Population

Topic: Robotics


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Featured Documentaries and Coverage

  • The World's Largest White Shark (National Geographic Television - July 2019)
  • Ocean-wise - founder and host of BeachTV cable show covering ocean issues (3 episodes)
  • White shark livestream 2018 - The Ocean Lab - live-streamed education to schools across US and Mexico from Guadalupe Island
  • When Sharks Attack, The San Francisco Slayer: (National Geographic Television) (July 2018)
  • Into the Shark Zone - Dec. 2017 (Weather Channel)
  • In the Deep - White shark research - (Facebook Watch feature - Nov. 2017)
  • Discovery Channel Shark Week - Shark in the City: LA (Aug. 25, 2017)
  • Big Blue Live series - Aug. 2015 (BBC), Sept. 2015 (PBS)
  • Great White Lies - Independent film 2015 (Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, Catalina Film Festival Award)
  • Robo-sharks: Robots used to track movement, behavior of sharks (ABC News)
  • Swimming with sharks (Al Jazeera America – Techknow, Oct. 21, 2013)
  • Great White Shark 3D (Imax format - premier May 2013) - (played internationally)
  • Great White Invasion (Discovery Channel Shark Week 2011 - estimated 28 million viewers)
  • iPredator – Great white shark vs Cape Seal (National Geographic TV – 2011)
  • Tale of the Tiger Shark (National Geographic TV - 2003)
  • Live from the Shark Cage - 2 hr live Discovery Shark Week feature (2000 – estimated 23 million viewers)
  • Hammerheads – Nomads of the Sea (Discovery Channel Shark Week - 1998)
  • Sharks on their best behavior - (National Geographic Television – 1990)
  • Scientific consultant for MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC television news, as well as National Public Radio.
  • Scientific consultant or research featured in over 100 articles of national and local print media outlets (New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Time, Orange County Register, Long Beach Press Telegram, Monterey Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, and Washington Post) and magazine articles (National Wildlife, Sport Fishing Magazine, Marine Biologist, Forbes, Scholastic Reader).
  • Blog contributor: PlanetExpert, Southern Fried Science

Topic: Miscellaneous