K-12 Education Programs

Our new K-12 live education programs use sharks and technology as a way of getting students interested in STEM fields. In our curricula, we use content covering shark biology, technology used to study sharks, and how all of this can lead to varying careers in STEM fields. These NGSS-aligned programs will expose students to dynamic and interesting fields across disciplines and invoke excitement about marine science and beyond.

Currently, our programs are offered virtually and free of charge.

Virtual Program Requirements

The following are the requirements to participate in the Virtual Program.

Group Information

  • Maximum 40 students, minimum 10 students per live session.
  • Grade levels extending across program grade-band target may participate in one session.
  • Programs are designed for the students in the class. They are unable to accommodate the participation of siblings, other family members, or individuals in the household.

Tech Requirements

  • At this time, we are unable to offer programs on online learning software other than Zoom. The teacher and students should be prepared to join a CSULB Zoom link.​
  • For classes together in-person: the teacher will need a webcam, Wi-Fi and Zoom installed on their device. They may present from the front of the room or have each student use their own device with headphones.
  • If presenting from the front of the room, a webcam will need to be facing the class.
  • If learning from home: the teacher and each student will need to have Zoom installed on their device, a webcam, and a Wi-Fi connection.

The Lead Teacher

  • Must also be logged into the entire session on their own device.
  • The lead teacher must participate in the entire session.
  • The lead teacher can reserve multiple programs, but each program must be at a different date and time. A lead teacher must be present at all sessions.
  • Will receive an email after requesting a reservation with detailed instructions on how to participate.

Virtual Programs

We offer the following Virtual Programs.