Provost's Message - March 2023

March 2023

Celebrating Women's History 

Hello friends,

It is incredible to think that we are already halfway through our semester. Certainly, our hard work and determination this spring will bring a hopeful end to our academic year. March also signals great hope as we celebrate the numerous contributions of women throughout our society, communities, and world.

Women’s History Month, allows us to reflect on the achievements, persistence, and resilience of women in their battle to promote gender equity and create more opportunities for women everywhere. We have many women at The Beach who contribute greatly to the vibrancy and diversity of this campus. Please follow our Instagram, as we highlight many of their stories. Please also make sure to attend our Women’s History Month Events across campus. Together, let’s show our support, learn more about the struggles for equality, and especially understand how we can support others and create a more inclusive community for ALL.

Whether it be through reading, attending events, supporting our sporting events, or just engaging in meaningful discussions, thank you for celebrating this important effort. ALL of us have a responsibly to ensure our campus and all its people can thrive. Let’s do our part to recognize the incredible women who inspire, break down barriers, and lead the way for others.

In community,
Karyn Scissum Gunn