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Internal CSULB Funding Opportunities

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs in collaboration with Academic Affairs is pleased to support the following Award Opportunities:

PDF ORSP Workshop Information for Multidisciplinary Research Grants and Summer Student Research Assistantships




TT/T Faculty including Librarians, Counselors, & Coaches

Full-time Lecturer Faculty

Part-time Lecturer Faculty

Probationary Faculty w/ New Faculty Reassigned Time

Mini Grants*





Summer Stipends*





Reassigned Time*





Faculty Small Grants*





ORSP Multidisciplinary Grants








Summer Student Research Assistantship










**Joint proposal with TT/T Faculty required

Summer Student Research Assistantships (SSRA)

COMPETITION INFORMATION: Award competition and guidelines is announced via Info-Ready Research Competition Space beginning November 23th, 2020 . 

Academic Affairs, in collaboration with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, is pleased to support Student Research Assistantship Program every summer.

This program is designed to encourage student participation in a broad range of scholarly and academic activities and is open to eligible undergraduates and graduates from all disciplines and academic areas of study.  The assistantship provides financial support during the 2021 summer intersession months to undertake full-time research and scholarly activities in collaboration with a Faculty Research Mentor (Tenured Faculty, or Lecturer with a Tenured Faculty/Department Chair as Co-Mentor).  Research Mentors are expected to meet regularly with their assistant and provide a blend of supervision that provides directed guidance with scope for initiative and independent thought. .

Due to the competitive nature of this award, a Faculty mentor may only nominate up to 2 students.  If two students are nominated, the Faculty mentor must rank the two students. Application starts: Monday, November 23, 2020 (via Info-Ready); Deadline: Monday, February 22, 2021 @ 5pm.


ORSP Multidisciplinary Research Grants


COMPETITION INFORMATION: Award competition and timeline will be announced via Info-Ready Research Competition Space during the Academic Year Spring Session.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is accepting proposals for internal grants to help faculty prepare proposals for major external funding. ORSP encourages multidisciplinary research collaborations and partnerships.

This grant program is open to CSULB tenured or tenure-track faculty members and full time lecturers. Past award recipients must have submitted both a final report and a full length, external grant application through ORSP based upon the award in order to be eligible for funding.  Application starts:  Monday, December 14, 2020  (via Info-Ready); Deadline: Monday, March 8, 2021 @ 5pm .

Please see the attached RFP for further information on how to apply, as well as the criteria that needs to be included in your application package: 

2021-22 ORSP Multidisciplinary Research Grants Application Requirements

The Division of Academic Affairs is pleased to support Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity (RSCA) and Mini Grants/Summer Stipends (MGSS). When funds are available, a faculty member is allowed to apply for only one of the four awards (Reassigned Time, Faculty Small Grants, Mini-Grants and Summer Stipends) in a given year.  Application timeline and process will be announced during the Fall Session of the Academic Year. Please see Academic Senate Policy 19-03 §3.1 for details.

Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity (RSCA)- Reassigned Time and Faculty Small Grants

PDFORSP Workshop Information on Reassigned Time and Faculty Small Grants

Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity (RSCA)

The Division of Academic Affairs is pleased to announce the availability of funds to support RSCA for FY 2021-22. The Mini-grant and Summer Stipends will not be available until further notice from the Chancellor’s Office.

A faculty member is allowed to receive only one award—a summer stipend, a mini-grant, reassigned time, or a faculty small grant—in a given year under this policy. The deadline for RSCA awards and faculty small grants will be set by the college. Please see the Academic Senate Policy 19-03 §3.0 for details.

Awards may be used for reassigned time, faculty small grants, or a combination of both equivalent to the Vacant Rate for up to 6 WTU per academic year. Applications for more than 3 WTU require additional justification in the application. Should more than 3 WTU of reassigned time be awarded, the awardee can choose to take the reassigned time all in one semester or distribute the reassigned time over two semesters.

Each academic college administers the award process for Reassigned Time and Faculty Small Grants. Faculty members receiving new faculty reassigned time are only eligible to apply for Faculty Small Grants.

Contact your college office regarding application information. RSCA proposals are to be submitted to your college beginning Monday, September 21 and ends by Monday, November 9, 2020 by 5p.m.

If your college is using the Info-Ready platform to accept proposal applications, please log-in to Info-Ready ( to find your college RSCA competition page.


Mini-Grants and Summer Stipends (MGSS)

PDF ORSP Workshop Information on Mini-Grants and Summer Stipends

MGSS Applications will be submitted, reviewed and awarded via Info-Ready, an online Research Competition Space.

The Chancellor’s Office will provide system-level funding for mini-grants and summer stipends (MGSS).  All members of Unit 3 (all lecturers, probationary faculty, tenured faculty, librarians, coaches, and counselors) are eligible to compete for mini-grants and summer stipends.

Support will be available in the form of:

  • Mini Grants
    • Not to exceed $5,000, are intended to be “seed” money leading to the application for external support. Since this award is “seed” money, acceptance of a mini-grant requires that the application for external funding based on the proposal be submitted within two years of the date of the award and prior to any subsequent mini-grant awards.
  • Summer Stipends
    • Equivalent to the prevailing 3-WTU Vacant Rate to support a recipient in continuance of scholarly and creative activity during the summer. An applicant or recipient of a summer stipend may not be employed for 6WTU or more in summer session during the stipend period.

Faculty members receiving new faculty reassigned time are only eligible to apply for Faculty Small Grants.  Each college review committee, the college dean, and the university MGSS committee will review and provide recommendations.  FY2020-21 application is postponed  until further notice from the CSU Chancellor Office.

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