Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship


The Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at CSULB provides programming and mentoring designed to unlock the creative energy of students, faculty, staff, and the community that engages stakeholders across campus and in the community focused on the common goal of innovation and entrepreneurship. The primary objective of the Institute is to leverage all this energy and entrepreneurial capital into a driving force for economic development for the greater Long Beach community. Creating economic opportunities will support long-term economic growth that is sustainable and improves the lives of all members of our community, the economy, and the greater environment where we live.

Our Mission  our mission icon for iie

To provide programming and guidance for innovators and entrepreneurs that leads to success. 

Our Vision our vision icon for iie

The IIE at CSULB is a central hub for innovators and entrepreneurs in Long Beach. Our programming and services support long-term economic growth that is inclusive and sustainable for our diverse community.

Are you interested in...

Writing a business plan?

Participating in pitch competitions?

Earning a certificate?

Join the following free programs to boost your business cred with a workshop certificate.

Growing your professional network?

All of our programs offer opportunities to network with business professionals and peers through independent work time and schedule mixers.

Finding a mentor?

All of our programs provide speakers and instructors with entrepreneurial experience and/or expert knowledge in their business field.  Specific programming that matches business teams with a mentor are:

Receiving assistance for your small business?

Contact the IIE to meet with us to discuss what your business needs are.


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