Early Start Mathematics

The CSULB Early Start Program offers tuition-free general education mathematics course (MATH 104, The Power of Mathematics) for eligible 2023 incoming first-time first-year students.


First-time first-year students admitted for Fall 2023 with a designation "Early Start Recommended" or "Early Start Required."

Course Description

MATH 104 - The Power of Mathematics (3 units)
Topics that demonstrate the power and art of mathematical thinking. Development of quantitative and financial literacy; number sense and computational skills; mathematical habits of mind; communication skills across various mathematical forms; and ability to analyze realistic problems with mathematical tools.

Why You Should Take MATH 104

Successfully completing MATH 104 fulfills your GE B4: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning requirement, advancing you one step closer to graduation. The class is designed to afford you the opportunities to explore the power of mathematizing by developing your mathematical literacy and learning to use mathematics to make sense of real-world phenomena.

You will be well prepared for your first semester at The Beach through the ideas in MATH 104, by meeting peers across disciplines, and becoming familiar with campus resources that support your needs. In MATH 104, the instructors believe EVERYONE can learn and do mathematics regardless of their previous academic preparations. Seats are limited.

How to Register for MATH 104

  1. View the class schedule to explore available class dates and times.
  2. Enroll in your free class by logging in to MyCSULB Student Center.
  3. To request disability-related accommodations, contact the Bob Murphy Access Center (BMAC).

For registration support, view the Enrolling in Early Start Classes section in Using MyCSULB Admissions. You may also contact the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPaCE) via CSULB Summer Sessions - CPaCE or by phone at 562.985.5704.