ProCard Review Options for Managers

LB_AP_PCARD_ATTACHMENT - Displays cardholders by approver and whether or not they have submitted an attachment.

Purpose: This query is best used by management.  It is used to review, at the header level, if attachments have been uploaded for the cardholder.  It checks if an attachment exists. The goal, at the end of the statement process, is to have

  • The Attach 1 field with “Yes”
  • Attach 2, Attach 3, and Attach 4 fields with “No”

LB_AP_PCARD_TRANSACTION - Displays cardholder transactions by approver name OR by individual cardholder which will be especially helpful for those already utilizing the “Reconciliation” checkbox.

Purpose: This query drills to the detail level and shows a line description, chartfields and all distributions. The goal at the end of the statement process is

  • To have a clear description for each line
  • Chartfield distribution confirmed
  • [Optional] If the ‘reconciliation’ checkbox is utilized within the department, confirm all checkboxes have been checked which will inter all transactions have been reviewed.

Run the queries:  To access the above queries,

  1. Navigate to the CFS PeopleSoft Home Page.
  2. Select the “CFS End User tile”.
  3. Select Query > Query Viewer.
  4. Type the Query name in the ‘begins with’ field, then select “Search”.
  5. [Optional] Save the Query as a favorite (one time step) – this will save you having to perform step 4 in the future.
  6. Select how you would like to run the query – to HTML or Excel.  Excel is best when you need to manipulate the query or filter the data.