Running the LB_AP_PCARD_ATTACHMENT Query within CFS PeopleSoft.

  1. From the CFS 9.2 Home page, select the “CFS End User” tile.
  2. Navigate to Query > Query Viewer.
  3. Next to “Search By Query Name begins wth”, type “LB_AP_PCARD_ATTACHMENT”, then select “Search”.
  4. Next to the query name LB_AP_PCARD_ATTACHMENT, select “HTML”.
  5. In the field provided, enter the US Bank Invoice Date (which is the date the reallocation period begins).
  6. In the field provided, enter the Approver LastName OR FirstName between % symbols. Example: %Smith%. See below for example.
    Sign the document
  7. If the cardholder has attached a statement, it will display in the Attach 1 field (Yes). Only one attachment per statement.
  8. The results should have “Yes” in the Attach 1 field, and “No” in Attach 2, 3, & 4 (Only one attachment per statement).