Student Assistant Access FAQs

Questions? Before contacting us you might want to look through the questions and answers in this section.

If the student will be using a computer, FMIS will need to be contacted. First, complete the Employee Access Form (Instructions). Next, open a FM Technical Coordinator ticket. One of the steps in the process is FMIS will create a “SA” (Student Assistant) account for them. When the request is completed, FMIS will provide you with a default password for the student. When the Student Assistant logs into the computer for the first time, they will use their SA account.

A SA (Student Assistant) account is a new account that is different from a Student login account. The SA account is the student’s employee account. The student account is accessed using just the campus ID. The SA account is accessed by using the campus ID followed by “SA”.

Student Assistants should be logging into the PC (windows) using their SA account. They type their campus ID followed by “SA” e.g. 012345678SA. If they login to the computer with their student account, they will not be able to print or access shared drives. The SA account is used to give the student worker access to shared drives (U: drive), shared email accounts (Federal Trust, Cashiers, etc.) and printers.

Once access is provided, the support ticket submitted along with the form request, will be updated to provide you with the password for the account.

The student will open a browser (Edge, Internet Explorer, or Firefox) and enter into the address bar. When the single sign-on screed appears, they will enter their campus ID (student account) to login. They do not use the SA account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For Student Assistants given access to PeopleSoft, they need to use a different browser to login to PeopleSoft. For example, if they use the Edge browser to login to SSO to access their work email using their SA account, they will need to use Internet Explorer or Firefox to login to SSO to access PeopleSoft using their student account. The only time students can use the same browser for both accounts is by logging into one at a time AND closing the browser after logging out.

Yes. The work email is setup in the format Keep in mind that if there happens to be another Student Assistant with the same name, the format will be where nn is a two digit number. Once request is completed, FMIS will provide account information including work email.

The student will open a browser (Edge, Internet Explorer, or Firefox) and enter into the address bar. When the single sign-on screen appears, they will enter their SA account (campus ID followed “SA” for example 123456789SA). They do not use their student account. Next, they will click on the “Outlook” chiclet (icon).

The first step is to click on the profile icon. Next, when a menu appears below, they select “Open Another Mailbox”. A new window will appear with the heading “Open Another Mailbox”. The student enters the name of the shared mailbox (Federal Trust, Cashiers, etc.) and clicks “Open”. The shared mailbox will open in a new tab.

When a Student Assistant receives access to PeopleSoft, the access is given using their student account. This is due to a limitation with the SA accounts.

Please submit a completed Parking Security Form for access into T2.