General Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Before contacting us you might want to look through the questions and answers in this section.

To request service, please select one of the following:

If uncertain about the above categories,  select “FM Tech Coordinator Support” and click on the link to request service. The FM Technical group team will be notified once a ticket is submitted.

NOTE: Tickets created by selecting a service that does not match one of the four noted above will delay FMIS response to your service request. We would not be aware of your request until reassigned to the FM Technical group.

Please refer to the campus Wi-Fi ITKB for specific instructions.

Absolutely. Please follow the instructions from campus

One of your devices, such as a laptop or cell phone, may be attempting to use incorrect credentials (username and/or password) to connect to campus Wi-Fi or email.  As such a device continuously tries to connect with incorrect credentials, your account is locked on a continuous basis.  When this issue persists even after you believe you have updated all your devices with your new Beach ID password, then there are likely two other possibilities causing the issue with continuous locking:

  • You may have entered your new credentials (username and/or password) incorrectly 5 times, or 
  • There are stored former credentials on one of your devices that is trying to connect to campus Wi-Fi or email.  

Here are some places to look for stored credentials:

  • If you use a Macintosh computer, please check the username and password in the Keychain.  
  • If you have a Windows computer, please check the username and password in the Windows Credential Manager.  
  • If you use Outlook Web App ( to access email, check that you are not using a “saved password” within the browser.

Until the bad credentials are corrected on your device(s), the account will continue to experience problems. 

Verify that the audio is not muted. Try adjusting the volume level. Lastly, confirm the default device is enabled by right-clicking the audio icon, select playback devices and select 'speakers'.

Make sure your computer is updated by restarting your machine.

Please complete an Employee Access Form (DocuSign). All other FMIS forms can be found via SSO. It is important to also open a ticket.

Restart your computer. It is recommended to restart your computer on a regular basis.

Please be as descriptive as possible and provide any error messages. If you are able to take a screenshot with SnagIt, save it in a word file and attach it to your ticket.

Please contact the Copier Program with detailed information regarding the issue.

No. Please save your files on the network drives (Home Drive e.g. H: or Department Shared drives e.g. M:, R:, X: etc.), because the computers C: drive, including the Desktop, are not backed up daily.

Unless your manager approves of keeping the file in the current location, the file must be deleted.

Here are several ways to restore a deleted file and/or document:

  • In Office, look in the Auto Recover file location by clicking File, Options, Save in Office products.
  • To search for previous versions, navigate to file location e.g.. X:\. Right-click on the folder where the file was previously saved and select 'Properties'. You will then be presented with previous versions of the folder. Double click on the folder and locate the file/document you want to restore by copying and pasting.

It is important that you open a service request notifying us that a form was initialized. This way we can track the progress of the form and can work on the request as soon as possible. To request service from FMIS, please select one of the following: