Copier Program FAQs for Technical Staff

Questions? Before contacting us you might want to look through the questions and answers in this section.

“Account track” is a method of restricting access to a copier and, for billing purposes, tracking copies made by an individual or group. The campus department determines if they need account track turned on or not. If account track is required, the    department’s copier administrator will assign numeric codes to users/groups. A user enters their numeric code (“account track” code) at the copier to make copies or scan documents. With account track on, if the copier is setup as a printer, then, once a Microsoft Windows user has the copier mapped as a printer, there is a one-time step where the “account track” code is put in the password field on the account track window.

Yes. The new copier will have the same IP address.

If the department has account track enabled, update the user’s print driver settings with the “account track” code (i.e. code used to use to make copies). With the user logged in, click on the printing preferences for the copier and select the “Basic” tab.  After clicking on the “Authentication/Account Track” button, the account track window opens and the code is entered into the password field. The department field must be blank.

If the department uses account track codes for scanning/copying, locate the printer on the print server, view the printer properties, and select the “configure” tab. Click on “account track” and select “Enable”.

Setup print queues for both color and black & white. Setup the appropriate default for the print queue. The department’s copier admin can, based on “account track” code, restrict access to color printing through the copier’s web interface.

Report this to the administrator of the print server.

Konica Minolta drivers can be downloaded from Konica Minolta Self-Help Product Support page.

For all copiers, the recommended PC driver is the Postscript version of the driver specific to the copier model. For MACs, the Postscript driver for the specific driver is required. (NOTE: If the recommended driver is not working, please go to FM Technical Coordinator Support page to request assistance.)

Please go to FM Technical Coordinator Support page to request assistance. You’ll need to provide the FMSupport team with administrative access to the MAC so they can install the driver and, if needed, enter the “account track” code.

Please make sure that the Department name is blank.

Due to email limits on the size of attachments, scan to email jobs with large numbers of pages may fail. If this happens to your users, there is a “scan to folder” option to allow some jobs to be scanned to one of your network shares. Please go to FM Technical Coordinator Support page to request assistance.

Make sure you are using the drivers specified for that copier. i.e. If you have a KM C368 and you are using the Universal Driver, switch to the Konica Minolta C368 Postscript Driver.