Women of Color in Academia @ CSULB

This project formally began in the 2018-19 academic year to provide structural, institutional, and communal support for women of color faculty. Maintaining this campus community of peers, collaborators, and mentors aligns with the university’s goal to increase faculty diversity by recruiting and retaining educators from underrepresented groups.

Women of Color in Academia @CSULB pledges to:

  1. Create awareness of the impact of the intersectionality of gender, race, and ethnicity on the professional experience of faculty women of color on campus,
  2. Increase institutional support to promote the success of our faculty women of color, and
  3. Create a support network for WOCA across the university through mentoring and highlighting accomplishments. At the start of the current academic year, the group has approximately 90 members and spans across all university colleges.

For information on joining and upcoming events, please contact:

Teresa Puente
Assistant Professor, Journalism