Advisory Board Roster

Faculty Center Advisory Board participation consists of 1 tenured/tenure-track faculty member per College, for 3-year staggered terms, 4 lecturers from different colleges, for 1-year terms each and staff from key service units.

Meetings are held twice per semester (no more than once per month). Dates, times, and locations are decided by the Board.

Faculty Members selected by AS Nominating Committee and approved by the Academic Senate.

*Non-voting positions

Alexander Hahn (2023)

Tianjiao Qiu (2025)
Faculty Center Advisory Board Chair
Professor, Marketing

  • Nat Hansuvadha (2024)
    Associate Professor, Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling
  • Deborah Hamm (2023
    Lecturer, Teacher Education

  • Kimberly Kelly (2025)
    Associate Professor, Human Development
  • Samiha Rahman (2022)
    Assistant Professor, Human Development

Deepali Bhandari (2023)
Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Hema Ramachandran (2025)
Librarian, University Library

  • Lorin Johnson (Ex-Officio)
    Program Review and Assessment

Ext. 54364
Assessment Coordinator*

  • Nancy Dayne (Ex-Officio)
    Interim Director, Faculty Center for Professional Development

Ext. 55260
Director of Faculty Center for Professional Development*

  • Carina Sass (Ex-Officio)
    Associate Director, Center of Community Engagement

Ext. 52376
Representative for Center for Community Engagement*

  • Pamela Lewis (Ex-Officio)
    Department Director & Director of Community Partnerships, Women's & Gender Equity Center

Ext. 58151
Representative from the Women's & Gender Equity Center*

  • Jalal Torabzadeh (Ex-Officio)
    Professor/Chair, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Ext. 58181
Chair of Faculty Personnel Policies Council (or designee)*

  • Danny Paskin (Ex-Officio)
    Associate Professor, Journalism & Public Relations

Ext. 52602
General Education Coordinator*